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Summer  Book Read and Discussion
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The Race Awareness Group's "Summer Book Read and Discussion" starts on July 11.  With support from St. Augustine’s parish leadership, everyone of faith looking to engage more fully with various types of people is invited to join us. 


Our book this summer is titled, Be the Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation  written by Latasha Morrison in 2019.The book consists of three parts. Part I is titled, “The Bridge to Lament”. Part II is titled, “The Bridge to Confession and Forgiveness”.  Part III is titled, “The Bridge to Restorative Reconciliation”.   The book is 208 pages with discussion questions, and it’s text is conversational, not academic.  From various websites, copies of this book are available for under $10.00.  One copy is shown to be available in the Onondaga County library system, and another copy is available at the Spiritual Renewal Center.


One book review offers the following about our summer book:

“In an era where we seem to be increasingly divided along racial lines, many are hesitant to step into the gap, fearful of saying or doing the wrong thing. At times the silence, particularly within the church, seems deafening.  But change begins with an honest conversation among a group of Christians willing to give a voice to unspoken hurts, hidden fears, and mounting tensions.   The author shows how you can participate in this incredible work. With conviction and grace, she examines the historical complexities of racism. She expertly applies biblical principles, such as lamentation, confession, and forgiveness, to lay the framework for restoration.”


We will meet on three Monday evenings during each of which we will discuss one part of this book.  We will meet in the Gathering Room at St. Augustine’s Parish from 7:00 until 8:30 PM on July 11, July 25, and August 8.  Feel free to invite family members and friends to join this conversation.  If you are not able to attend on one of the evenings, do not let that hold you back from attending any of the other three sessions.  Feel free to contact Dave Babcock ( or at (315) 263-9023  if you have questions or want more information about this offering.

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