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Covenant Weekend 2024 - 2025
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Covenant weekend will be here soon! 

Click here to volunteer to help with Covenant Weekend.

Be sure to join us in the Parish Hall after both Masses on May 18th and 19th and check out the many ministries that are looking for volunteers.  

Learn about what they do and see which activities inspire you to use your God given gifts to participate in parish life. Come and see how you can help the parish, grow in your faith, meet other people, and have fun. There will be prize drawings, food, and drinks, so bring the whole family!


Reminder for those currently involved with a ministry:  you need to complete the Covenant form and indicate that you wish to continue for another year.  Continuation is not done automatically. Thanks!

Welcome to Covenant Weekend 2024!


St. Augustine's is a vibrant parish where its members are active in the many ministries that put our mission into action. 


What is Covenant Weekend?  Each year, parishioners sign a Covenant where they commit to serving on one or more ministries for one year.  To present information about each of the ministries we hold a "ministry fair" that we call Covenant Weekend.


Ministry leaders will be available to provide information and answer any questions.   Ministry Booklets, which include a brief write-up about each ministry, as well as adult and youth covenants will be available for everyone who attends.


If you cannot join us in the Parish Hall you can review the Ministry Booklet using the link below and then complete the on-line Covenant form.


We invite you to sign up for a ministry or two that interests you.  Maybe something new and different this year. Or, the same ministry you served this past year (remember that you need to sign a new covenant since renewal is not automatic)


Once you've decided please complete the Covenant form below and provide your

  • email address

  • name

  • phone number

  • mailing address

  • Mass preference (if applicable to the ministry selected)


Then hit "Next" to go through the list of ministries. You can select as many as you desire.


Then hit "Send" to finalize your selections.  You will receive an email acknowledging your submission.


Your time and talents are a gift to this parish in whatever ministry you choose.


If you have questions, please contact Carol Barnett (, Angie Banes (, or Lucretia Hudzinski (

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