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St. Augustine's & St. Mary's

Faith Formation

Faith Formation Photos

Dear Families:


Below are photos of some fantastic "Living the Lesson" assignments submitted so far!

The assignment was:

Pope Francis has declared this year the "Year of St. Joseph" in the Catholic Church. For this month's Living the Lesson, please talk to your child about St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus and husband to Mary. What do you think he was like? What do you think he and Jesus did together? We know he was a carpenter, so it would be normal for his son to work with him throughout the day and to learn the trade, contributing to the work. They must have spent day after day building together....The lesson for this month is to "build" something together as a family. It can be a lavish meal, a complex dessert, a puzzle, furniture, whatever you choose! Also, talk about why you think I'm having you do this. What does this have to do with Theology, God or our Church? Please be sure it takes at least 2 hours to complete (for Grades 1-5) or 2.5 hours to complete (for Grades 6-10). 

​​​Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. I look forward to an exciting new year of faith, fun and family!




Cathy Mackey

Director of Faith Formation for the Parishes of St. Augustine's & St. Mary's









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