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Parish Council Nominations
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Please click here to nominate someone for Parish Council Delegate At-Large.

Please click here to nominate someone for Parish Life & Worship.

Two At-large members and one representative from Parish Life and Worship will be selected in June for our Pastoral Council.  Everyone is invited to nominate someone for these positions.

Who Can Be a Member?
The Pastoral Council is composed of people from the parish. YOU can be a member! Here is the necessary criteria that every member of the Pastoral Council meets:
• Registered member of the parish
• Baptized, practicing Catholic
• Participant in the parish worship life, especially Mass and the sacraments
• Committed to the direction of the parish as stated in the parish mission statement
• Minimum age - an incoming junior in high school
• Willingness to make a commitment of time and talent
• Openness to listening  to a diversity of opinions
• Willingness to work as a team member
PC members serve for 3 years, and the PC meets once every month. The work of the Pastoral Council includes serving as a unifying body for all the various organizations and activities in the parish. In addition, the Council helps establish the vision and goals of the parish, as well as advises and makes recommendations to the pastor for the good of the parish.

How to Nominate Someone  
Parishioners may nominate themselves or other members of the parish using the Nomination Forms found in the lobby entrances or in the links above. Delegates At Large are nominated from the general parish membership. Nominations for the Covenant Ministry of Parish Life and Worship are chosen from people who are
currently active in that ministry, for example Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors or Choir to name a few liturgical ministries.  Once nominated, the nominees are contacted to see if they are willing to serve on the Council. If they agree, they will have their names placed in the selection bowl. At the end of one of the weekend Masses and after prayerful discernment by the Assembly, the Pastor will select names from the bowl. Those selected will begin their term September 2022.  Please consider and pray about whom you think would be an excellent candidate for the Pastoral Council, who is dedicated to this parish and exhibits the necessary leadership skills to assist this parish in becoming everything God desires 

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