St. Augustines family,


We hope everyone is staying healthy both mentally and physically! This time has certainly been an adjustment!


We are really missing the Church, although mass in our pajamas is comfortable, we are missing the coziness of St. Augustines and the welcoming faces of our fellow parishioners.  We also miss the choir. Ryan still sounds amazing solo, but when the choir is all together, the harmonies are powerful. Of course we miss the friendly joking among our spiritual team, it was always the perfect way to wrap up our time together at mass.  Deacon John, Fr. Lou and Fr. Cliff have a wonderful sense of humor, and we really miss them.


We are getting through with play time, sidewalk chalk, family dinners, walks and talks. Typically we are racing through dinner, dropping off or picking up from practice. This time has provided us an opportunity to slow down, come together for meals, and take walks together to talk about the day. A bright light during this scary time.


We hope everyone is seeing some positives in this time, and experiencing some God sightings. We miss everyone and can't wait to be back together.


Many blessings,


The Cass family

Peter, Kim, James, Nora and Charlie

7333 O'Brien Rd.
Baldwinsville, NY 13027
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