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Compassion Camp 6-10

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Welcome to Compassion Camp! This blog is especially made for teens to have your ownsessions on the topic of compassion. As we look around the world, what becomes clearer each day is our deep need for compassion - now more than ever. Each session has a central scripture passage about the theme. The goal of Compassion Camp is to cultivate compassion for each other, ourselves and the world by coming to see how Jesus was compassionate. We are to become aware of our own compassion and pass it along to others.


Now Let’s Begin:

Each session has a slide presentation where all of the information for that session is included. Please take your time going through each of the slides. Pray the prayers, answer the questions on your note paper, and do the final assignment at the end of the slide presentation and send it in the Google Form provided or to

Due dates final assignment:

Session #1 : At the Table - Tuesday August 11, 2020 by midnight

Session #2: For Myself - Thursday August 13, 2020 by midnight

Session #3: To the Neighbor- Tuesday August 18, 2020 by midnight

Zoom Sessions

As part of the Compassion Camp for teens, a Zoom meeting will be provided. Each meeting will include games, prayer and discussion about the sessions and the final project. Participation is highly encouraged. Click the date below for the Zoom meeting link.

Final Project Assignment

Create a centerpiece or table decoration that will be placed at your family table. Take a container like a jar, mug or vase. Using things from around your home or yard, create something that reminds you of how you are compassionate with your family, friends and yourself. Before you begin, think about what kind of centerpiece you want to create. How will the things you place there represent or symbolize your compassion?

Due date for centerpiece: Thursday, August 20, 2020 to show and explain at the final Zoom meeting.

Compassion Camp Happenings

See the information below to participate in all that Compassion Camp has to offer.


NOTE: For best viewing of Slides, click Full Screen on the bottom bar.

Session #1 At the Table


Session #2 - For Myself


Session #3 - To the Neighbor


Compassion Camp Happenings

More activities to join in the fun

CARnival Thursday August 20 @ 6:30PM (Drive thru in St. Augustine's parish parking lot)

More Resources about Compassion

At the Table

WATCH Prodigal Son Youtube playlist (click the bars on the right above 1/5)

For Myself

To the Neighbor

ACT Look for the PDF links to find ways to reach out during Covid 19


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