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Gratitude, Thanksgiving, Eucharist - November

Our theme for November Faith Formation was based on the celebration of Thanksgiving this month. Join us in reflecting on gratitude, thanksgiving and Eucharist and how they are lived in a life of faith. 

Jeff Dixe is a teacher in West Genesee School District, a husband, father and seeker in faith. He shared with our Grades 6-10 some stories of his own faith journey and how a way to approach prayer that makes it possible to pray anytime and anywhere.

Find practices and prayer to continue to let gratitude be a year round attitue. As Christian Catholics we embrace gratitude as a daily spiritual attitude and practice as we know that all we have comes from God. This website is created out of the inspiration of Brother David Steindl-Rast whose mission of engaging the world in the importance of gratitude to become the foundation of one’s  spiritual life. 

Becoming the Body of Christ

In the Eucharist we give thanks to God for all we have received. This meditation invites you to consider how this loving presence of Jesus is offered to us every week in the Body and Blood of Jesus. 

C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith - What Happens at Mass?

Why is the Mass so essential in the life of a Catholic?  Bishop Don Hying runs down the elements of Mass for us and helps us see the beauty of celebrating with others.

Table of Grace music video

Our middle school and high school students reflected on the Body of Christ in a prayer service called The Table of Breads. Different kinds of bread symbolized peoples all over the world where struggle and hunger kept them from having the basics of life. Let this music video touch your heart as you reflect on the Body of Christ. 

For Parents

The Letter Your Teenage Can’t Write You

Parents of teens experience changes in their children and are met with difficult emotions as they want to do the best things for their growing teen. This letter written by a teen may give you insight on parenting even during the difficult times. 

Advent For Families

Wondering how to help your family celebrate Advent in the home? The church celebrates Advent until Christmas eve. Help your family enter into the season. This website from Loyola Press provides information and ideas for rituals, prayers and things to do as a family

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