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Masks/Dignity of Ourselves and Others - October

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

We can only become something new when we have released the old faces we have been wearing, even if it means not knowing who we are in the space between.

Masks and Being Our Authentic Self

In Grades 6-10 Faith Formation sessions this month, the learners made masks. The lesson was to realize that we have a public life we show the world and a private life that we only know ourselves. We come to know ourselves as we develop emotionally and spiritually. Jesus was Himself authentic and helped others be authentic as well. Consider this article as a starting point to reflect on your own authenticity. The Masks We Wear

Becoming Our Authentic Self

Fr. Ronald Rolheiser describes how God created the human person

Living in the Image and Likeness of God

Getting to know our true selves is facing our woundedness in order to be the person we are created to be. Our Grandiosity and Our Wounds 

For Parents

Search Institute Family Assets: What Makes Families Strong?

How To Raise Kids Who Care

How to show empathy with teenagers when they face disappointment

Catholic Social Teaching

Sandy Baker’s Journey in Social Action. Sandy Baker was our speaker for Grades 6-10 Faith Formation. Sandy shares some of her journey of being a disciple of Jesus and how she understood God’s calling  for her to reach out in a new way. (Please use headphones for best audio quality.)

Central to our teaching in the Catholic Church are the Principles of Catholic Social Teaching. This article overviews the seven principles one of which is the Dignity of the Human Person

How to Follow in the Footsteps of Holy Men and Women. 

A person who has shown us how to live out the Dignity of the Human Person in the work of justice is Sr. Helen Prejean and her ministry to prisoners on death row. 

Sr. Helen Prejean biography

An interview with Sr. Helen Prejean

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