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Trust - September

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Three Minute Retreat - Loyola Press

A guided prayer on trust that can be done right from your computer or device. 

Talking to Strangers: What we Should Know About the People We Don’t Know by Malcolm Gladwell  Amazon     

Super Soul Sunday -  Oprah interview with Malcolm Gladwell  

This book, recommended by Fr. Cliff,  is just published on how people in society can learn how to trust one another. 

For Parents

Strengthen Your Family

Check out these articles below that will inspire you as you grow in your faith while raising your family.

Express Care

This article has actions for parents because trust with our family is all about expressing care for one another.

How to Talk to Young People about Doubt

This blogpost, Four Steps to Help Young People Handle Doubt

Dig Deeper Into Trust

The Trust Gap

“Interesting piece on PsychCentral about the “trust gap” in America: In lab settings and in opinion polls, we tend to report thinking that other people are less trustworthy than we are. But a recent study in Psychological Science suggests that we just don’t have enough practice trusting people because we’re stuck in a vicious cycle of cynicism.”more

The Thrill--and Fear-- of Free Falling 

God says, “Let me bring you into something better.” But what it sounds like to us is, “Let go, and fall into oblivion.”...more

The Struggle to Trust

Perhaps the most important thing we ever need to learn is this: It is safe to love!

It is safe to love. Yes, it is safe to be vulnerable because we are in loving hands. It is safe to surrender because we fall into light, not darkness. It is safe to be weak because the strength we need is found when we give up on our own power…. more

The Way of Trust

This is the essence of faith, to believe that someone benign and concerned with us is ruling the universe and we can we stop our unnecessary fretting. To have faith is to believe that mother and father are home, aware of the situation, and in charge….more

Guest Speaker ZaKeem Rutledge shared his thoughts on trust with our students grades 6-10.

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