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How do I become Catholic?


Are you coming to believe in Jesus Christ and his great love for you, and are wanting to find a home in which to live out your new found joy and belief? Have you been hungering for more in life, and are attracted to the Catholic faith? Are you full of questions about life, God and Catholic belief, and want to explore further?


Your first step – tell someone!  The journey to becoming Catholic is flexible, and highly  personalized.  You can begin by speaking to Debbie Krisher in the parish office or Fr. Cliff, the pastor.  Meeting with them is not a commitment; it’s the start of the journey.  Our Church will assist you in exploring and deepening your understanding of the Catholic faith and how it is lived out, but there is no pressure on you to join.  Contact Debbie Krisher at (315) 638-0585 or

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