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Sacrament of Confirmation

“The lived experience of the sacraments in the family is most important.  An atmosphere in which faith is witnessed and discussed is most conducive to growth in faith.”

(Confirmation Guidelines, page 8)


At St. Augustine’s, High School students who are involved in parish or Catholic School Faith Formation programs are invited to enter the Confirmation direct preparation process during the second semester of their sophomore year at the earliest. 


Candidates show signs of readiness for direct preparation through their active participation in both Sunday liturgy and faith formation classes.  During the Confirmation direct prep process, the candidate journeys with his/her sponsor, the Confirmation peer mentors, parent(s) and the entire parish community by attending a series of well-planned sessions that allow time for prayer, Scripture sharing, various service experiences and Mass.


For more information about Confirmation prep, please contact the parish faith formation office, 315-638-0864.

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