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Hi, I’m Fr. Cliff and I’m glad you stopped by. If you ever came to see us at St. Augustine’s, you’d find us to be a pretty unique Catholic parish. We’re deeply invested in our spiritual growth and there are so many ways where you can be involved. In fact, over a third of our regular parishioners are involved in a ministry at least once a week. We’re a busy, involved, committed parish. You would also find that we’re on the casual side, we’re okay if you smile, we’re okay if you laugh, we’re okay if you cry. Just know that we’re here to laugh with you, to cry with you, to be with you during a difficult time and to celebrate with you during a wonderful time. We’re casual, we’re committed, and we’re also deeply, deeply Catholic. In many parishes you will hear, “all are welcome” we like to say “you are welcome.” Please know that we’d love to see you sometime!

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