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Funeral Preparation

The death in the family presents a difficult time. We hope that we can help you plan a beautiful and meaningful funeral liturgy for your loved one. Here are materials that will help to make that possible. We have suggested Scriptural readings, suggested musical selections and the “Funeral Liturgy Planning Sheet” for you to download and print as well the one you can fill on line. If you have any questions, please contact the parish office.

Homily Hints


A priest or a deacon who gives homily during funeral holy mass will like to know some few hints about your deceased loved one to make the funeral mass more personal. Kindly provide us with those hints in writing and be given with the funeral planning form. Example: What are some values and/or virtues that your loved one embraced? What do you want the grandchildren to remember about their grandma or grandpa?


Copies of Readings


Copies of the selected readings to be read by family and friends at the funeral Mass will be given when the family meets with the parish bereavement minister or when you submit the online FLPS . These copies are for your practice only. A binder will be at the podium with all the selected readings. You do not have to bring your copy.


Our Ministry Team is Here to Help


Knowing that you have to make so many decisions in a state of grief, we want you to know that our pastoral staff at the parish is here to help you through the process of planning your funeral and future support if you need it. If you have any question, please contact our parish office.

When you have filled out the planning sheet, please return it to our parish office.


Please know of our sincere condolences and prayers as you go through these days. Our faith is an important source of support at a time like this and it is our prayer that your faith, though possibly struggling, will bring you comfort and peace. 


The Liturgy of Christian Burial recognizes our grief, but also celebrates new life. We encourage the family of a deceased loved one to be involved in the planning of the Funeral Liturgy. This is completely optional; if you do not feel you are able to actively participate, that is fine. However, it is our hope that your involvement will help to personalize the liturgy as well as assist you in the process of healing during this difficult time.





The family is welcome to choose one person to offer a personal reflection at the beginning of mass. The reflection is usually more personal about the deceased, speaking of values and virtues. It should be prepared beforehand and written out. 


The person giving the reflection should be aware of the sacredness of the occasion and the Church setting. Please limit remarks to 4-5 minutes maximum. The remarks should not take precedence over the homily, but should be a simple, personal reflection of the person’s life. It is fine to mention one or two short stories, but beyond that it is not possible to sum up a person’s life in these moments. Allow the deceased person’s life to speak for itself.




Music for the Mass of Christian Burial will be offered by our organist and cantor. Congregational singing is a integral part of Mass. However, one or two solos by our cantor are possible. Musical selections should reflect the sense of hope and peace given to us in the Resurrection of Jesus. By nature, they should be religious or spiritual. Any secular songs or CD’s or tapes will only be allowed prior to the beginning of Mass and only if they are appropriate for the Church setting. Hymns suggested will be used if they are known by the people involved with the Music Ministry. 


​When you have filled out the planning sheet, please return it to our parish office.

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