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Sunday, December 8 & 15th 2019 - Gifts and Incarnation

When you are done with the activities below, please answer all the questions on the form at this link 

Watch Video: Trevor Kelly, nSJ Guest Speaker

Scripture Activity:

Read: John 1: 1-18

Sketch Arrow Down

Follow Incarnation Powerpoint 

Watch Social Network Christmas:

Scripture Social Media Activity

Think about what it would be like if Jesus were going to be born THIS Christmas.  How would the story look different? How would the communication between the characters change?


Using your imagination, create on the Google Form an email, text, tweet, or Facebook entry, that gives expression to these conversations and don’t forget details!

Angel & Mary.jpg

Click the button to read the story

Angel speaking to Mary

Joseph and Mary.jpg

Click the button to read the story

Joseph taking Mary as his wife after the angel appears


Click the button to read the story

The shepherds hearing about Jesus and visiting Him

***Don't forget to complete the questions! Click here!

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