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Grades 6-10 Faith Formation Review

Sundays, October 20 & 27th, 2019 - Masks/Dignity of Ourselves and Others


When you are done with the activities below, please answer all the questions on the form at this link 

As a person we have a public life that we show the world. We engage with people through this part of ourselves. We develop friendships and relate to our teachers and classmates in our daily activities. 


We also have a part of ourselves that we do not show the world, our private life, like our inner thoughts and feelings. We only tell these thoughts and feelings to people who we trust, like our family and best friends. 


As you are growing up you are finding out who you are by your what you like to do, what you can learn easily, or what you have fun doing. Jesus wants you to be your best and find ways that you can help others by learning new things and doing good works to help others.

Watch the Video "Dignity Matters"

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Mask Lesson


Sometimes people cannot be themselves because they are afraid to let others know who they really are. People can be one way in their public person, and  feel differently in their private thoughts and feelings. Or sometimes they feel that they need to live up to the expectations of their peers. In the lesson, we made masks to show on the outside who we feel we truly are, and on the inside of the mask we wrote things that we only know about ourselves in our private life. Jesus knows us for who we are and wants us to be the best version of ourselves. Jesus is our role model in trying to be our authentic self. When we show the world who we truly are, we can be the person we are created to be. 


For your private thoughts: If you were making a mask, what would symbolize who you are and what you like to do?  What feelings would you put on the inside of the mask. Talk about this with someone you share your private feelings with.  

Watch the video of Mrs. Sandy Baker speak for our lesson on October 20, 2019. Use headphones for best audio quality.

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Jesus' Companion


If someone had never met you, whom could they ask to find out what you are really like?  Think about this, would it be a friend, family, or whom? Just like you wouldn’t really someone if you only knew basic facts about their life, therefore we can not know Jesus just by knowing basic facts.  Other people who knew Jesus can give us an insight of what he was like. We would like you to read about one person that knew Jesus. His name is Zacchaeus. Please read in Luke 19:1-10




There were many ways that the people during Jesus’ lifetime knew him. Jesus was known as: Prophet, Teacher, Healer, Servant, Pray-er, and Reconciler. 


                                               Luke 7:36-50Luke 19:1-10, Luke 23:39-43, John 8:1-11, John 21:15-19

Jesus was a reconciler.  Another word for reconcile is forgiveness. Read these Bible readings to understand Jesus as a reconciler. Readings: Luke 7:36-50,  Luke 19:1-10, Luke 23: 39-43, John 8: 1-11, John 21:15-19 What story stands out to you as the best understanding of forgiveness. Who did Jesus forgive? What did Jesus teach the people in the stories about forgiveness? What did Jesus teach you about forgiveness?

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