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Prayer Shawl Ministry

Our ministry was started in 2004 by Rick and Karen Sikorski.


Rose Hurd and Carol Turner have been coordinators of this ministry since 2006.


We serve coffee and other goodies at our meeting and work on the various crochet and knitting projects that we have started.  We help each other with patterns and yarn and always have a good time.In September, October and November of 2013, we each crocheted or knitted a 12 x 12” square and we put them all together to form an afghan which we gave to Fr. Tom Servatius in December 2013 to show our appreciation for all the blessings he has bestowed upon our shawls.


In 2014, we had a 10th Anniversary party and at that point had given away 643 shawls and baby baptism blankets to those in need.


Baby baptism blankets and stoles are given to each baby baptized here at St. Augustine’s.We don’t meet January through March because many of our ladies go to warmer climates for the winter.  They still continue to work on their shawls and we have a wonderful new supply when we meet in the spring.


As of April 2018, we have given away 1,000 shawls and baby blankets.  We generally have around 10 – 12 ladies present at our meetings which are held in the Gathering Space following the 10:00am Mass.  We have two evening meeting a year, one in September and the other in May, for our ladies who work outside their homes.


On covenant weekend, we usually have 25 people sign up to join our ministry.  Some ladies are not able to attend any meetings , but still send in their shawls.  We appreciate each and every one of them for this worthwhile cause.

Some of our shawls go to Upstate Medical center where one of our parishioners, who volunteers there, gives them to those she feels are in need of some comfort.


We have received hundreds of letters of “thanksgiving” from shawl recipients who are very grateful to have one of our many beautiful shawls and can feel the love and prayers that we crochet and knit right into each and every one of them. We have been called “angels with needles”, as one shawl recipient called us after receiving a shawl for his wife.  Hopefully we will continue to knit, crochet and embroider for many years to come. We also have contributed to the “Happy Holidays” gift baskets.

If anyone is ever in need of a shawl for themselves or someone else, no matter what the reason, all they need to do is call either Rose Hurd at 638-0694 or Carol Turner at 638-0897 or the Parish office at 638-0585 and we will see that you get a “Prayer Shawl” which has been blessed by Fr. Cliff.  All requests are strictly confidential.

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