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Social Action Ministry SAM

Social Action Ministry of St. Augustine’s Parish Community seeks to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ to promote the well-being of all people through social justice, love and peace. We strive to embrace the dignity of all through active discipleship focusing of values taught and implemented be Jesus for the common good.

Meeting Minutes November 18, 2020


The Social Action Ministry meets on the 2nd to last Monday of the month from 7-8:30 pm, but not every month. Some members are part of this ministry and are not always able to attend meetings. Sub-committees meet as necessary and monthly meetings have agendas and minutes are sent out to keep members informed. We are always open to new ideas for projects. members work on the projects that interest them. For more information, please contact Paul DeFelice, chairperson.

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Giving Tree

Migrant Workers

Solder/Veterans Assistance

Outhouse Collection

Refugee Family Resettlement

Holiday Food Baskets

Samaritan Center

Public Policy

Alliance of Communities Transforming Syracuse (ACTS)

Election day bake sales/coffee and doughnuts

Gospel of Life

Emergency Food Bags

School Supplies

O'Brien Road Bingo/Rides to Mass

Bishop Foery Halloween Party

Product Table

Charitable Fundraising

SAM Participates in Earth Day Clean-up 
Reflection by Kirstin Guanciale

I had no idea picking up litter would be such a spiritual journey for me!  Several years ago I was tired of looking at the trash when going to and from work.  I called the Highway Department to ask who was responsible to clean it and was told an organization volunteered to do it.  My neighbor was a member and I asked her when the next cleanup was so I could help.  She said the organization stopped doing it.  I asked if they would relinquish their status so I could “adopt” the section, and viola, I adopted a highway.  Just like any new “parent” I quickly realized this was a lot bigger responsibility than I anticipated.  I needed help. 


I tapped into family and friends when organizing cleanup days, and last year mentioned it to fellow Social Action Committee members.  On April 21 this year I organized an “Earth Day” cleanup with 17 volunteers and 6 from the Social Action Committee.  We packed a whopping 53 bags of trash!  We actually ran out of bags and could have filled more.  The saying “many hands make light work” has never been truer. 


When picking up litter it’s easy to be angry and perplexed at why some choose to do such thoughtless things.  One simple, seemingly innocuous action of tossing one little piece of trash can easily be dismissed as “this isn’t really going to make a difference”.  But when that one little action is done collectively, the littered roadways provide a visual of the outcome.  And what about our less tangible actions?  Callous comments?  Dismissive looks?  Hurtful gossip?  Judgment and condemnation instead of understanding and compassion?  When we litter the world with these things, the outcome may be less visible but no less real. 


Now when I pick up what others so thoughtlessly discard, I challenge myself to “litter” my thoughts with prayers for those who discard the trash that they learn to understand how their actions affect others, and maybe one day have the wisdom to make better decisions. 


Thank you to the Social Action Committee for providing the opportunity to ask for volunteers, and providing the opportunity for others to share their time to “litter” our community with their selfless actions and make our corner of the world a bit closer to the beauty God intended us to enjoy.  

He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God?

Micah 6:8



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