Youth Faith Formation

“There is no institution more fundamental to the life of the person and society than the family, and no institution has undergone more significant changes in recent decades. The Church recognizes and respects the importance of family and the primary role parents have in forming their children in faith. At the same time, we recognize the many challenges today’s families face and the changing realities of today’s family life.”

(The Catechetical Leader in the Third Millennium)

"The most important thing about parenting I learned from my dad. It wasn’t anything he said, it is what he did, day after day."

Leonard DeLorenzo, PhD Director, Notre Dame Vision and Student Engagement

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Grades 6-10 Faith Formation
How do children become Catholic?

St. Augustine’s welcomes the full and conscious participation of all people in the life of the Church including Sunday Mass and faith formation throughout one’s life.  From pre-school age through high school, students are taught what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. St. Augustine’s Parish offers a Faith Formation Program for children and youth in which they learn about the teachings of Jesus Christ and the customs, culture and traditions of the Catholic Church. For more information about our class offerings or registration, please call the parish office of faith formation at 638-0864.


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